Pelicase alternative

Pelicases are widely used for Go-Boxes and protecting equipment on the move, and they are excellent, but not inexpensive.

At a trade show I came a cross a display of the MAX IP67 cases, which are made in Italy, and seem to have many of the characteristics of  Pelicases, but are a lot less expensive.


With IP67 rating they are waterproof and dust proof, and have an air  pressure release valve for when taken on a flight. One of their markets is Military use, so that suggests they are pretty rugged too, as does their promo video.

The feature they don’t have is the option of a metal frame to screw into the top of the large compartment for mounting a panel on. It does however look as though there is space to drill and insert small self tapping screws directly into the plastic, to mount a panel directly. Also, if your panel is fairly thick, the lid will keep it in place when closed and on the move.

Pelicases are glass reinforced while these are polymer only, so if your box will have to take a real hammering when closed maybe you need a Pelicase, but most Amateur use cases are not that severe.

Find out more at


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